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What is it about?
This page was developed to help us share information about starting points and to allow pilots to have their flying logbook online. Every one of us knows at least one place where start is legal and possible and every one of us wants to fly in different area from time to time and is looking for such places there. At this site we would like to help all of us to share this kind of information.

Additionaly this website helps to extend functions of your MotoMonitor.

Now (software and firmware are in test phase) you can upload your flying logbook automaticaly to t` server. MotoMonitor allows to store up to 500 flight records (date and time of start, starting point, wing name and flight duration), but for some of you it's not enough :) - so now you can send your flying book directly from device to this server.

This give you possibility to acces your flying logbook from ALLOVER THE WORLD - and also YOU WILL SECURE YOUR FLYING HISTORY (ex. if you loose your device).

Also when you are sending data to our server - you are sending all starting points saved in device, thereby we are all creating starting points map that everyone can use.

Do you want more ?
Currently we are working on functionality for sending data from website to your device. Soon you will be able to send starting point from site to device only by pressing one button.

How to use the system ?
  • First of all you must register on our site. To do this go to Registration and fill the form.

  • If you don't have MotoMonitor - nothing lost - you can keep a logbook in our system and manually manage your starting point list,
  • If you have MotoMonitor - connect device to your computer - read data and click "Send data to server" (Beta software is already avalaible)

  • That's all :)